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    Hello! I'm GodPole, the Community Manager for BoostGaming. It's my main role on the server and the forums to make sure that the community are happy with the experience on BoostGaming as well as building the community up to make sure everyone is happy with their time on the server that we care so much about. We have a lot of exciting ideas for the future but we need you, the community, to speak with me about what you want for the server so we can make sure it's the best experience and the best DarkRP server now and in the future with these exciting changes and updates. Hopefully I'll see you all on the server and please do say hello and let me know if I can help in any way. Also, invite your friends to play along and grow the server as we'll be hosting some events soon for in-game prizes, so stay tuned for that!
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    Change-log 03; We have a fire system! The new fire system adds the following; 3 new jobs. (Fireman, Firecrew Chief & Pyro) Two new beefy fire-fighting trucks! One for normal users & a nice slick heavy truck for our VIP's Fire-hoses, Fire Extinguishers & Molotov's too! Users & firefighters get money for putting out fires, although firefighters get significantly more.
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    Change-log 02: Added a sweet mining script. Added fruit slicer so you can make your own smoothies! Added a Pyrotechnic job so you can create a firework show & custom fireworks. Added a grass mower job. Hurdle of bales of grass and sell them!
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    Upon entering the server most players will see missing textures and therefore subscribe to the mod-pack however there is a problem with that pack. You are MISSING the following mods in the pack (these are necessary as they are the texture packs for the map as when they rejoin the textures are still missing): EvoCity V4B1 - Materials 1 EvoCity V4B1 - Materials 2 EvoCity V4B1 - Models
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    That's a new one! It's almost as if the workshop isn't downloading on connection! I shall look into it & will update this thread as i progress! Thanks for the heads up and I'll be in contact when I'm home from work to give you something nice!
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    Hey BigHead! Nice to see you around. Have you actually joined the server & seen missing textures? We do have a texture pack that combines all the EvoCity textures, so that theoretically should of solved it! Although if you did, I'll gladly look into it!
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